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Porcelain Laying Tools

Porcelain Laying Tools

To support the continued growth in the use of porcelain for paving we are delighted to provide a number of tools designed to aid the laying of porcelain paving.  All our porcelain tools and accessories are from Italy which is renowned for its world-leading position in the tiling industry. Raimondi has a first class reputation manufacturing products of high quality and durability. 

We are delighted to be a Main Stockist for the Raimondi range of which our key products are listed below. Please call us on 0845 60 60 240 should you wish to purchase any of the equipment or have any enquiries about the range.

Handling Porcelain 

One of the features of porcelain is that it often comes in a larger format, which can make it both heavy and cumbersome, so care should be taken when handling the pieces. 

150mm Suction Cap with Case

The Raimondi 150mm vacuum suction cup creates a tight grip, even on textured materials.

Cutting Porcelain

Porcelain Paving is best cut using a power saw, fitted with a good quality diamond blade which is water fed. 

Zoe 150 Bridge Saw Machine

The Raimondi Zoe 150 Advanced Tile Saw Machine is suitable for cutting all types of  porcelain and natural stone with a maximum cut length of 155cm. It has an adjustable cutting depth and a tilting motor assembly for bevel cuts between 0 and 45° and a maximum length of cut of 155cm. The framework is cast and extruded aluminium and the large format (38l) water tank is removable for easy cleaning. A heavy duty dual nozzle water pump provides superior blade calling. Legs are telescopic with an anti-collapse device and wheels for easy transport. Blade guards pivot to remain parallel with tile for maximum cutting depth and float to provide extra safety in operation. A pressure device holds the tile steady and the Square is re-adjustable for long-lasting precision.

Collapsable Bench with Rollers

For safe handling of large format paving with the Zoe 150.

179CC350 Blades

For use with the Zoe 150 for cutting porcelain, ceramic and stone paving. This blade has a long life.

Tools to use when laying Porcelain 

Porcelain Accessories Bucket

Includes; Easy Bucket, Sponge, Grout Float, Float and Spacers.

Zoe 150 Bridge Saw Machine Demonstration

Real time display of a 600x600 porcelain paving slab being cut in just 45 seconds.

"This was the first time I used your products, they are of the absolute best quality. They are all I recommend now"
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