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Our collection of practical laying guides have been designed to provide you with a range of ideas for creating your dream natural paving scheme. Click on the pictures below to enlarge each image for more detail. Should you require more information on how to lay your stone, please call 0845 60 60 240, or email

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The majority of the photos in our brochure have been taken with the stone being dry. The colours within natural stone will become much more vibrant when wet and will again lighten when dry.

Natural stone may develop brown markings as its natural iron content oxidises. This temporary phenomenon should disappear after a period of time. The colours shown throughout this brochure are as accurate as the photographic and printing processes allow. Prior to ordering, products should always be inspected and chosen in daylight. Colour and tonal variations will occur in natural products, no sorting of crates will be undertaken. When using several packs, flags should be blended throughout the project to produce an overall natural appearance. Ensure you purchase your requirements in one purchase as you can then mix together all the paving from all the crates. The beauty of many of the products featured results from splitting which gives a unique textured surface and colour variation in the natural product.

Sawn products like Travertine may have ingrained dust which you can leave to wear off or clean off with water and a stiff broom.

As these are natural products, all dimensions are nominal and are subject to cutting tolerances in both size and thickness. The product sizes and coverage stated are those achieved when laid using
appropriate joint width for the given product. 

Please note some products may be subject to a minimum order. Some products are only available in Project Packs. Please check pack sizes and availability with your local stockist.

Many of the products featured are heavy. It is recommended that items over 25kg, or those which are awkward in shape and size, should be handled by more than one person or suitable lifting equipment used.
It is suggested that gloves are worn to prevent abrasion to hands and lime burns from wet mortar. Eye protection should also be used when cutting with either chisels or rotary disc cutters. When using a rotary disc cutter, make sure a suitable diamond blade is selected. A diamond cutting blade will give a clean cut, but please use with care and get full instructions on use from your hire shop.

Products in this brochure are suitable for domestic pedestrian and driveway applications, where indicated, when installed correctly. Please ask your stockist for guidance. For high wear applications such as roadways, shopping precincts etc, please consult your local merchant for suitable products.

Our policy is one of continuous improvement and development and, as such, we reserve the right to change the specification without notice. Sales are subject to the Company’s terms and conditions of
sale, a copy of which is available on request.

  • Laying Guide A
    Laying Guide A
  • Laying Guide B
    Laying Guide B
  • Laying Guide C
    Laying Guide C
  • Laying Guide D
    Laying Guide D
  • Laying Guide E
    Laying Guide E
  • Laying Guide F
    Laying Guide F
  • Laying Guide G
    Laying Guide G
  • Laying Guide H
    Laying Guide H
  • Laying Guide Yorkstone
    Laying Guide Yorkstone
  • Sandstone Feature Designs
    Sandstone Feature Designs
  • Porcelain Laying Guides
    Porcelain Laying Guides
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